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Artist's Statement

Nicole Mordecai, Photographer

Nicole Mordecai


135 Conant Road
Weston, MA 02493







My “Liquid Life" reflection photos depict reflections in water. The Liquid Life series began while noticing how beautiful the reflections of trees looked on my daily walks at Cat Rock Park in Weston, MA, and how they constantly changed with the weather, the seasons, and the time of day. I then started seeing reflections everywhere!  But my favorite place to look for reflections is in Wellfleet Harbor where most of the photos in this collection were taken.


I think of the water as an extra lens provided by nature. Unlike a camera lens made of glass, water is ever-changing. Sometimes it's perfectly clear like a mirror and other times it's lined with wrinkles from the wind. Often the most beautiful reflections emerge from the distortions created by gentle waves. The lens of water also acts differently depending on the depth. Deep water reflections, as in "Wellfleet Fishing Vessel" and "Long Island Dock Party" have a vibrant, luminescent quality compared to the more textured look of the wet sand in the "Beach Walker" set of images.

For more details, see my resume and bio.

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