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Nicole Mordecai, Photographer, Photography Instructor

Nicole Mordecai, Photographer

I am a photographer based in Weston and Wellfleet, MA. I create art photography which focuses on reflection and nature images, and I work with clients on a range of photography projects that include images for use online, informal family, pet, and equine portraits, and documenting events. I also teach basic photography skills, creative photography, tabletop studio photography, and photo editing, described in detail on the Training page.

Prior to taking up photography, I had a long career in the software industry, directing several research teams at Sun Microsystems, receiving 7 US patents, and starting my own small software company.
For more details, see my resume.

To learn more about my fine art photography, watch the video below about my first show at the Lexington Arts & Crafts Society in 2018 where I was presenting my Liquid Life reflection photos.

Nicole Mordecai

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