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Create With Photos offers a range of training and personalized photography services for your family or business. Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of upcoming classes and events.
Camera Instruction

Want to learn to get your DSLR camera out of auto mode and start taking better photos? I love teaching people the basics of using their camera in manual mode. I can work with you 1-on-1 or set up a 2-3 hour workshop for a small group of 4 or less if you enjoy learning with friends or family. It's most fun to learn out in the field while photographing something that interests you.

Photography Basics

I've developed a sequence of Photography Basics classes that show you how to get out of auto mode and dramatically improve your photography skills. The classes start with the basics of focus and exposure and slowly add skills, including composition and lighting.

Tabletop Studio Photography

Do you need photos for your website, social media feeds, or promotional materials? Learn to create photos of your artwork for an online portfolio or to preserve your work through digital images. This workshop can be done with any type of camera you are familiar with, including a smart phone. 

Creative Photography

Of all the different types of photography, long exposure photography provides the best opportunities for creating otherworldly and painterly images. Of course you can also create beautiful night landscapes complete with lovely starbursts. This hands-on class covers a range of techniques that rely on slow shutter speeds, including panning, zooming, and several different types of light painting. I offer this class for both iPhones and DSLR/Mirrorless cameras.

Field Workshops

I can take individuals or small groups out into the field for a guided photo shoot. We can practice landscapes, fall foliage, action shots, candids, nature, gardens, or architectural photography. I particularly enjoy night photography and can show you how to create wonderful night shots using slow shutter speeds.

Image Editing.jpg
Photo Editing

Do you need help getting started with photo editing? I provide 1-on-1 instruction for beginners getting started with either Adobe Lightroom Classic or Adobe Photoshop. I will show you easy tricks to dramatically improve the appearance of your images.

Photo Gift Instruction

Learn to make high-quality personal keepsakes and home decor items from your photos. I will provide 1-on-1 or small group instruction for up to 4 people. I can do a one-time session to introduce you to several different photo gift sites and show you how to upload photos and create simple customized keepsake items such as mugs, pillows, or key chains.

For those who wish to learn to design more professional-quality products, I can teach you a variety of skills over multiple sessions. We will start with a basic introduction to photo editing using Adobe Photoshop, learning to enhance color and remove imperfections from the images. Then we will focus on a handful of editing techniques specifically tailored to preparing images for photo gifts. Finally we will learn how to upload photos to various photo gift sites and use the online tools provided by those sites to create hundreds of different kinds of personal gifts. The number of sessions needed to cover this material will depend on each person's level of technical expertise and existing familiarity, if any, with Photoshop.

How Does It Work?

Once you get in touch, we set up a time to discuss what you would like to learn and whether you wish to include others in your session or sessions. We'll determine a time and place to meet - often out in the field - and focus on the skills you most want to master.

I am happy to discuss customizing any of my instruction or workshops to suit your particular needs.

What Does It Cost?

I charge for my time teaching and also for travel time if I have to travel more than 30 minutes from my location in Weston, MA. For most sessions, I charge $90/hr. A discount is available for multi-session workshops.

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